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Advanced Ceramics

Non-Oxide Ceramics

The Advanced Ceramics Industry, also know as Engineered Ceramics or the Technical Ceramics Industry, includes applications such as ceramic wear parts and ceramic armor. Superior Graphite is a key global supplier of high performance sub-micron silicon carbide powder to these markets, as well as a manufacturer of ceramic armor tiles.

The highly-sinterable Beta silicon carbide and Alpha silicon carbide powder from Superior Graphite, Sinter-Pur Ceramic Powder, is ideal for processing into parts due to its proven sintered mechanical properties, along with traditional corrosion/oxidation resistance, very hard low fracture toughness and thermal conductivity.

In addition to supplying Sinter-Pur Ceramic Powder to the armor market, Superior Graphite is further processing Sinter-Pur powder into ceramic tiles and shapes. Protect Tiles® are economical, pressureless sintered SiC armor tiles, which provide lighter weight and better ballistic performance for advanced ceramic systems.

Energy/Thermal Management

The market for Energy Materials consists of the products needed in the conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy and vice-versa. This market includes primary and secondary batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis and other associated systems.

The market is characterized by the critical demands for purity, consistency, and cost-effective performance. Furthermore, suppliers of Energy Materials must have global presence, and have a worldwide distribution network.

Superior Graphite is providing the many forms of its high-purity graphitic carbons for battery and fuel cell markets including:
Ferrous Metallurgy

Metallurgy (Iron & Steel)

Iron Industry
High performance ductile iron castings, especially automotive safety-critical parts, represent the main portion of this market. Other parts include windmill nose cones, machine building, agriculture, earth moving, and railway components. In these demanding applications requiring high quality raw materials, our recarburiser, Desulco®, is recognized as the benchmark since its introduction in 1977. For applications able to tolerate slightly higher sulfur levels, Super-G™ has been developed.

Steel industry
Modern mini-mills achieve final metallurgical properties through ladle refining. Our ARK® Electrodes are utilized in ladle metallurgy furnaces around the world, and in foundries melting steel with electric arc furnaces. High quality recarburisers are utilized in plants producing high carbon steel grades where Desulco® provides a very cost effective alternative to degassing.
Friction Materials

Friction Materials

Graphite and carbonaceous raw materials are used as friction modifiers for balancing cohesive and adhesive frictional forces. These materials cushion friction particles to optimize stopping performance and pedal feel. They also offer lubrication against the brake drum, or rotor, thermal conductivity to dissipate heat during heavy braking, and offers increased strength properties to retain friction material integrity. Superior Graphite offers a number of solutions to meet the demanding rigors of friction material applications. The Formula FX® line of materials has been designed to offer high purity, consistent particle size distributions, and unique physical characteristics needed for general and high performance formulations.

The new Resilient Graphitic Carbon™ materials (RGC) are a specialized product line offering unique properties providing optimum performances for demanding customers. RGC is produced using Superior Graphite’s proprietary continuous High Temperature technology and carefully selected feed materials. By applying this innovative processing technology and premium raw materials, such performance is unmatched, and only available through Superior Graphite. RGC particles; due to their very specific morphology and high porosity act like a spring, a property called resiliency. Applied in low concentrations as a friction modifier for brake pad applications, it greatly improves performance parameters such as compressibility control and wear-noise reduction leading to improved comfort of OEM, OES and AM formulations. RGC can be used in NAO, as well as semi-metallic and low steel formulations, but also in sintered brake pads for trains and motorbikes.
Polymers & Composites

Polymers & C.A.S.E. Materials

Graphite is used as an additive for improving lubrication, strength, and thermal / electrical conductivity. Graphite is added to phenolic resins, thermal set resins, epoxies, rubber, and polystyrene, and offers lubrication that improves wear characteristics of seals. Graphite also strongly increases thermal and electrical resistivity of Polymers. ThermoPURE™ and Signature™ graphites are high in purity, offer excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and have unique lubrication properties. Processing these materials in Superior Graphite’s exclusive thermal purification process removes impurities such as quartz, silicon carbide, and iron that add friction points in seals.

The new Resilient Graphitic Carbon™ materials (RGC) product line offers unique properties providing unique performances for customers not found anywhere else than from Superior Graphite. RGC’s are produced using Superior Graphite’s continuous High Temperature proprietary technology, and carefully-selected feed material. RGC particles have a very specific morphology and high porosity, which offer a very high contact surface to polymer matrices, allowing a perfect and homogeneous distribution. Used together with other reinforcement materials like short carbon fibers, or nano-scaled ZnS and TiO2, in Engineering Polymers, RGC’s strongly contribute to improved tribological properties of such materials in automotive applications, which can be characterized as “steel replacement applications”.