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Ceramic Armor Tile

Superior Graphite, with a history in the silicon carbide powder business, chose this ceramic to make its armor tiles. The “ceramic of choice for the future,” is literally between other recognizable alumina and boron carbide armor tiles in price and weight. However, when combined with overall ballistic performance, silicon carbide Protect Tiles® will earn the lead position. Certain ballistics will pass through B4C tiles but SiC tiles will stop them, and SiC is 20% lighter than an alternative Al2O3 tile.

These high density silicon carbide sintered tiles are economical due to their processing, versus hot pressed pressure-assisted tiles. The latter are fine for most body armor applications, but too expensive for covering large areas of protection. Protect Tiles®, are 55% lighter than armor grade steel for equal protection, so are therefore a logical part of a functionally graded armor solution for vehicles and aircraft.

Protect Tiles® are available to be ballistically qualified in various sizes and shapes, that can also be custom produced to meet customer demand.

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Protect Tiles® (Ceramic Armor)

Protect Tiles® (Ceramic Armor)

Protect Tiles® (Ceramic Armor)

In addition to sourcing and producing Sinter-Pur® Ceramic Powder, Superior Graphite is further processing the Sinter-Pur® powder into ceramic tiles and shapes. Protect Tiles® are pressureless sintered SiC tiles, which provide lighter weight and better anti-ballistic performance for advanced armor systems, including military vehicles, aircrafts, and watercrafts. Protect Tiles® come in various shapes and sizes, can be custom sized or cut and produced in high volumes to meet customer requirements of strength, size, and quantity, for optimal end-user protection.

Sintered silicon carbide is the choice ceramic for armor due to its position between alumina and boron ...