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Friction Materials

Graphite and carbonaceous raw materials are used as friction modifiers for balancing cohesive and adhesive frictional forces. These materials cushion friction particles to optimize stopping performance and pedal feel. They also offer lubrication against the brake drum, or rotor, thermal conductivity to dissipate heat during heavy braking, and offers increased strength properties to retain friction material integrity. Superior Graphite offers a number of solutions to meet the demanding rigors of friction material applications. The Formula FX® line of materials has been designed to offer high purity, consistent particle size distributions, and unique physical characteristics needed for general and high performance formulations.

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Formula FX (Friction Modifier)

Formula FX® (Friction Modifier)

Advancing Friction Performance
Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the Friction Industry, Formula FX® is available in a variety of grades, each with distinct performance characteristics to satisfy specific industry applications, as well as special engineering requirements.

Offering improved product performance in new generation friction materials, some products in the Formula FX® family utilize a proprietary thermal purification process. This unique technology delivers the ultimate level of quality and performance required of these specialized friction products.

This family of materials utilizes a variety of carbonaceous materials, from synthetic to crystalline flake graphite to calcined petroleum cokes, ...