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Metallurgy (Iron & Steel)

Iron Industry
High performance ductile iron castings, especially automotive safety-critical parts, represent the main portion of this market. Other parts include windmill nose cones, machine building, agriculture, earth moving, and railway components. In these demanding applications requiring high quality raw materials, our recarburiser, Desulco®, is recognized as the benchmark since its introduction in 1977.

Steel industry
High quality recarburisers are utilized in plants producing high carbon steel grades where Desulco® provides a very cost effective alternative to degassing.

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Desulco® (Carbon Additive)

Desulco® (Carbon Additive)

Desulco®, since its introduction in 1977, has been recognized worldwide as the premier recarburiser for use in the production of ductile iron. Desulco® is produced with Superior Graphite's patented high temperature furnace technology. This continuous process purifies the raw material, selected low sulfur petroleum coke, at temperatures in excess of 2760ºC, resulting in the final product, Desulco®. Due to its extremely high purity, its particle morphology, and its graphitic crystalline structure, Desulco® is a unique type of carbon. The extremely low gas content of Desulco® makes it the preferred material for use as a late addition in the grey iron industry as well as in steel plants producing high carbon steel grades.