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Polymers & C.A.S.E. Materials

Graphite is used as an additive for improving lubrication, strength, and thermal / electrical conductivity. Graphite is added to phenolic resins, thermal set resins, epoxies, rubber, and polystyrene, and offers lubrication that improves wear characteristics of seals. Graphite also strongly increases thermal and electrical resistivity of Polymers. ThermoPURE™ and Signature™ graphites are high in purity, offer excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and have unique lubrication properties. Processing these materials in Superior Graphite’s exclusive thermal purification process removes impurities such as quartz, silicon carbide, and iron that add friction points in seals.

The new Resilient Graphitic Carbon™ materials (RGC) product line offers unique properties providing unique performances for customers not found anywhere else than from Superior Graphite. RGC’s are produced using Superior Graphite’s continuous High Temperature proprietary technology, and carefully-selected feed material. RGC particles have a very specific morphology and high porosity, which offer a very high contact surface to polymer matrices, allowing a perfect and homogeneous distribution. Used together with other reinforcement materials like short carbon fibers, or nano-scaled ZnS and TiO2, in Engineering Polymers, RGC’s strongly contribute to improved tribological properties of such materials in automotive applications, which can be characterized as “steel replacement applications”.

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Signature™ (Graphite and Carbons)

The Signature™ family of graphites and carbon materials, in powder and granular form, includes crystalline flake and vein graphite, amorphous graphite, synthetic (artificial) graphite, along with calcined petroleum cokes. These materials are sourced from selected and qualified mines and sources from around the world.

Signature™ graphites and carbons are chosen to perform in the most challenging and in the simplest applications. These materials offer consistency and quality at an economical price.
ThermoPURE™ (Purified Graphites and Carbon)

ThermoPURE™ (Purified Graphites and Carbon)

Superior Graphite's ThermoPURE™ product line includes purified natural and synthetic graphite, as well as calcined petroleum coke. These materials are thermally modified using a patented continuous thermal purification process.

ThermoPURE™ products offer high purity and consistency resulting in "Superior" lubrication, thermal and electrical conductivity.
Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ (Friction Modifier, Polymers)

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ (Friction Modifier, Polymers)

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ materials are one of the most specialized graphitic carbons available today. This product is produced using a patented high temperature purification technology. Utilizing premium raw materials, Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ are developed with the end user in mind. These raw material sources are selected for quality, consistency, and both unique chemical composition and morphology. Once exposed to the thermal purification process, these materials are transformed into materials with high purity and the added benefit of resiliency.

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ are used for highly innovative products in different applications:
  • Friction Materials
  • Polymer Composites
  • Carbon Brushes and Parts