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Graphite & Carbon Powders

Superior Graphite consistently delivers high-quality, uniquely-sized carbon and graphite materials with unique particle size and the correct morphology to meet the most sensitive customer requirements. We globally-source and manufacture a full range of materials including flake, amorphous, and vein natural graphites, synthetic graphite, delaminated flake, and a variety of cokes.

Graphite is a form of carbon and truly is one of the most unique minerals, in that it is a great conductor of heat and electricity, is chemically inert, and is a great lubricant. Its name comes from the Greek word graphein, which means to write. Graphite has a hexagonal, layered lattice structure, and the bonds within a each hexagonal layer of are comprised of very strong covalent bonds. The bonds between the layers are Van der Waal bonds, which are very weak, contributing to the lubricity of graphite.

One of our most popular graphitic materials is found in recarburiser section and is known as Desulco®.  Since its introduction in 1977, Desulco® has been recognized as the premier recarburiser for use in the production of ductile iron.  Due to its extremely high purity, its particle morphology, and its graphitic crystalline structure, Desulco® is a unique type of carbon. The extremely low gas content of Desulco® makes it the preferred material for use as a late addition in the grey iron industry, as well as in steel plants producing high carbon steel grades.

Diamond is another natural form of carbon, which is cubic in structure and contains covalent bonds throughout, contributing to its strength.

Graphite has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale of hardness (1 to 10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest), has a silvery sheen and a black streak. Diamond on the other hand, has a hardness of 10, is transparent and has no streak.

There are three main types of graphite all derived from metamorphism: amorphous, crystalline flake and crystalline vein.


Graphite has great lubrication properties to reduce friction between moving parts. It is used as a dry powder in a myriad of applications from controlling the friction in brake pads to lubricating locks. It is also added to greases, water, solvents, and oils to improve lubrication under conditions of extreme friction and heat. Graphite is a chemically inert and eco-friendly material that offers an economical alternative to lead and molybdenum disulfide additives. Signature™ and ThermoPURE™ products offer a wide range of carbon ranges and particle size distributions tailored for each friction management application.
HSC® Silicon Carbide Powder

Silicon Carbide Powders

Superior Graphite produces silicon carbide in a Beta crystalline form made by a unique, continuous electro-thermal process, developed for large scale production. The reactants are silica sand and solid carbon, which are converted in a continuous process. A unique microcrystalline Beta product results, suited for making fine microgrits and ultra-fine ceramic grade silicon carbide powders. These powders are perfect for use in Toner and Advanced Ceramic Part production.