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Desulco MC™ (Metal Cover)

Purified in a unique electrothermal process developed by Superior Graphite, Desulco MC™ is a dust free, ultra pure and consistent non-ferrous melt cover material.

Desulco MC™ protects your melt from oxygen contamination, reduces oxidation of alloying elements and ensures a clean working environment.

Desulco MC™ Grades  · Desulco MC™ Advantages

Desulco MC™ Grades
Grades Grain size Appearance
DesulcoMC 05 1.4 - 9.5 mm
DesulcoMC 12S 0.6 - 4.75 mm

Typical values for all Desulco MC™ grades
Carbon content > 99.8 %
Ash < 0.15 %
Moisture < 0.01 %
Sulfur < 0.01

Desulco MC™ Advantages
Among the many benefits of Desulco MC™, the following product attributes highlight its efficiency in various non-ferrous applications.
  • Inhibits melt oxidation
  • High sealing efficiency
  • No metallic contaminants
  • No volatiles
  • No pre- required
  • No fines, Less dirt
  • Low oxidation (consumption) rate due to graphitic microstructure
  • Environmentally-friendly, with no aromatic hydrocarbons