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Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ (Friction Modifier, Polymers)

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ materials are one of the most specialized graphitic carbons available today. This product is produced using a patented high temperature purification technology. Utilizing premium raw materials, Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ are developed with the end user in mind. These raw material sources are selected for quality, consistency, and both unique chemical composition and morphology. Once exposed to the thermal purification process, these materials are transformed into materials with high purity and the added benefit of resiliency.

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ are used for highly innovative products in different applications:
  • Friction Materials
  • Polymer Composites
  • Carbon Brushes and Parts

Resiliency of Carbonaceous Materials  · Testing Resiliency  · High Temperature Manufacturing Process  · Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ Grades

Resiliency of Carbonaceous Materials
Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ materials are known to show the highest resiliency among all types of carbonaceous materials

Testing Resiliency
Resiliency Test Method
In order to quantify resiliency, a mechanical test method is applied.

Samples are placed in a metallic mold and exposed to various pressures ranging from 5-70 MPa (700-10,000 psi).

Particles are compressed and are able to recover their shape after pressure is released without damage.

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ show a unique spring back effect, higher than all other known carbonaceous materials.

Application oriented testing
Numerous applications require resiliency under different conditions.

In order to analyze the compaction behavior under different pressure levels and to allow predictions about the stability of the resiliency over time, Superior Graphite has developed a resiliency tester, which allows static and dynamic tests.

Supplemental grain size analyses prove that even under high pressure Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ do not fracture.

Resilency Testing Center

High Temperature Manufacturing Process
Superior Graphite's proprietary high temperature process makes the concept of Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ a reality. Select carbonaceous raw materials are specifically chosen and subjected to temperatures of 1900ºC-2700ºC. In this high temperature technology, impurities are removed thus leaving a very unique microstructure. The degree of graphitization can be modified by controlling specific furnace conditions.

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ Grades
Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ grades are made from consistent, very precisely characterized raw materials.

Different properties are achieved by choosing the adequate raw material and tailored manufacturing parameters.

Examples for raw materials:

Images by: Professor John C. Crelling, Southern Illinois University.

Different grain sizes are available ranging from 5 microns to several mm.

Images by: Professor John C. Crelling, Southern Illinois University.


Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ for Polymer Applications Brochure
(PDF, 603KB)

Resilient Graphitic Carbons™ Brochure
(PDF, 552KB)