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Super-G™ (Carbon Additive)

Desulco®, formulated by Superior Graphite, is the purest form of carbon additive available on the market. The desulphurized coke was developed for the demanding needs of the ferrous metals industry.

When combined with calcined petroleum pitch coke, the resulting Super-G™ offers a carbon additive with a customized higher sulfer content. Super-G has been formulated to match sulfur levels of anthracite blends imported from China, while offering the benefits of Desulco, including reduced base iron sulfur, reduced slag, faster dissolution, higher carbon recovery and increased productivity.

Why choose Super-G over anthracite blends?
  • Consistent sizing between .212 mm and 9.5 mm
  • Contains a minimum of 99.5% Carbon
  • Reduces the need for expensive melt additives.
  • Contains less than 0.5% ash.
  • Provides increased dissolution rates over anthracite blends
  • Contains microcrystalline graphitic structures that provide for nucleation.
  • Reduces slagging time, labor, and disposal costs.
  • Extends the life of the furnace lining, reduces maintenance costs, and increases up-time.

Increase in Carbon Eq vs. Sol Time  · Carbon Recovery at 20 Min

Increase in Carbon Eq vs. Sol Time

Carbon Recovery at 20 Min


Super-G® (Carbon Additive) Brochure
(PDF, 490KB)