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Protect Tiles® (Ceramic Armor)

Protect Tiles® (Ceramic Armor)

In addition to sourcing and producing Sinter-Pur® Ceramic Powder, Superior Graphite is further processing the Sinter-Pur® powder into ceramic tiles and shapes. Protect Tiles® are pressureless sintered SiC tiles, which provide lighter weight and better anti-ballistic performance for advanced armor systems, including military vehicles, aircrafts, and watercrafts. Protect Tiles® come in various shapes and sizes, can be custom sized or cut and produced in high volumes to meet customer requirements of strength, size, and quantity, for optimal end-user protection.

Sintered silicon carbide is the choice ceramic for armor due to its position between alumina and boron carbide in relation to weight and cost of ownership. Possessing economical and lightweight qualities, sintered silicon carbide surpasses other ceramics, making it the “ceramic of choice for the future.”

Superior Graphite implements extensive quality control measures in each ceramic armor tile through its internal manufacturing process, beginning with the milling and sizing of raw material, to the final sintered tiles, Protect Tiles®.

Why Choose Protect Tiles®?

Protect Tiles® provide proven performance through their multi-hit, multi-threat protection. They can out-perform high cost, hot pressed and heavier alumina. Protect Tiles® address current and future threat levels to meet the needs of the Military.

Protect Tiles® are consistent quality from the value-added choice raw material powder to the finished armor tile. Superior Graphite’s manufacturing standards adhere to tight tolerances and extensive quality control measures to meet critical specifications.

Superior Graphite’s responsiveness and flexibility to meet markets demands has led to the development of the Protect Tiles® product line. Unique machining capabilities, such as water jet cutting, allow Superior Graphite to customize the tiles to unique prototyping, shapes and sizes.

Protect Tiles® are the most cost effective ceramic technology on a price-weight-performance basis. They undergo direct sintered processing, a preferred alternative to expensive hot pressed tiles. Customers can extend their budgets with these superior anti-ballistic Protect Tiles® at a cost savings.

Protect Tiles®, made from Superior Graphite Sinter-Pur® Ceramic Powder formulation, are about 20% lighter than alumina and 50% lighter than steel. They offer the best armor protection solution for military vehicles, aircraft and vessels, without sacrificing mobility and fuel efficiency related to weight.

Protect Tiles® Benefits:

• Lower weight armor solution
• Meets anti-ballistic requirements
• Defeats multi-threats, and meets multi-strike
• High volume capabilities
• Consistent quality
• Tight tolerances
• Prototyping and custom tiles sizes


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