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Electro-Thermal Purification Services

Committed to staying on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies, Superior Graphite frequently engages in cooperative research with university and government laboratories. One of our many successes is our continuous electro-thermal purification technology, which exposes carbon and graphite materials to temperatures up to 3,000°C to produce granulated powders, in sizes from 150-1,250 microns, with a high carbon content and virtually free of impurities. Removing volatile gases and select heavy materials creates a highly ordered crystalline structure with exceptional purity, consistent quality, and increased resiliency, lubrication, and thermal and electrical conductivity. All powders undergo both physical and chemical analyses to guarantee purity greater than 99.95%.Our continuous process technology, the only one in the industry, allows us to produce large quantities at a much faster pace and more cost-effectively than traditional batch processing. We accommodate multiple packaging options - from paper bags to metal drums to hopper train cars - as well as supply inventory, warehousing, and distribution services to help streamline your operations. For complete details about our electro-thermal purification services, please see the table below or call us today to discuss your application.

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Electro-Thermal Purification Services Electro-Thermal Purification Services